A company’s image reveals itself through a multitude of aspects.

Behind the things it produces and spreads there is a deep bond with today’s times. Its products are not only the concrete result of its activities in economic and organizational terms, but also the features of its constant commitment to innovate and be innovated.

Cear designs, produces and distributes the most complete range of products in wrought iron for any furnishing need. Its collection is characterized by items entirely produced with the most ancient technique for the working of iron, forging, finishing and hand decorating. The versatility of iron, both archaic and modern, its natural beauty and unmatched solidity enable its working to make any kind of object.

Cear boasts more than 100 years of experience: It has in fact been artistically working wrought iron since 1826. Furthermore, it has inserted a vast network of distributors and agents in its sales organization in Italy and abroad, achieving great success for both its standard and custom made products and ensuring an efficient and prompt service.

The company’s presence on the market represents the immediate and visible effort of an industry that defines itself in its factory with items and material of the uppermost quality.